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Setting the standard in swine confinement heating for more than four decades, L.B. White Classic pilot light heaters offer simple, reliable operation for years of worry-free performance. L.B. White’s Classic heaters are built to withstand the corrosive elements of even the toughest swine confinement operations. Sealed caps on the solenoid and pilot control fully protect gas valves from heavy dust, dirt and moisture. And the Classic’s high quality, corrosion resistant components and solid case construction mean your L.B. White heater will provide years of reliable operation.

L.B. White Classic Forced Air Heaters

Key features of the Classic heaters include:

· Range of models from 60,000 to 170,000 Btu/h

· Highly efficient, pilot light design

· Choice of propane or natural gas

· Exclusive Tri-Shield case protection consisting of 3 protective layers including

             non-corrosive hot-dipped galvanized steel, oven cured epoxy primer and a

             baked thermosetting polyester


Ordering information –

 for a unit with only eyebolts and chains add a -3 to model number

 For a unit with thermostat only add a -4 to model number