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The DR Series is a high intensity unvented heater. Typical applications include aircraft hangers, warehouses, and high ceiling industrial buildings. The DR Series is commonly used in areas with high air infiltration, high ceilings, and/or spot heating applications. These are very economical heaters. The DR Series is available in a multitude of configurations, ranging from 30,000 to 160,000 Btu with 9 different control options.

Every installation has its own particular obstacles to overcome - whether its unique functional or structural requirements, there is a DR Series heater for your application.

Common Applications:

Fire stations, Aircraft hangers, Auto service centers, Hockey rinks, Farm buildings, Showrooms, Factories, Loading docks, Swimming pool areas, Truck terminals

Recommended accessories for NFS, PFS, PMV-2 & NMV-2 models ; DR chain set, FC24SS - stainless steel 24" flex line, gas shutoff cock. For NFS or PFS models the ETFS1(120 volt thermostat).


• Ceramic high temp. infrared


• Stainless steel rods

• Concealed pilot

• Bright polished alum. reflector

• Lower installation cost through

  compact modular heater design

• Solid radiation area over 68%

Detroit Radiant DR Series High-Intensity Infra-Red Unvented Heaters

DR30 Series

30,000 Btu.


DR60 Series

60,000 Btu.


DR160 Series

160,000 Btu.