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L.B. White Premier Ductible Unit Heaters

The L. B. White Premier 350DF heater has all the great features of the Premier heater line with the added bounus of dual fuel capability.  It's perfect for construction enviroments where there is a need to switch from propane to natural gas as the project progresses.  Simply turn the fuel selector valve to 'Select LPG or NG'.



Dual Fuel




Quiet,easy to use and reliable. With optional ducting and diffusers.

L.B. White ductable unit heaters are easy to set up and ever easier to operate. The heaters use L.B. White’s direct spark ignition system for dependable start up. Just place the toggle switch to heat, set the thermostat, and the Premium heaters will do the rest. A remote thermostat with a 20' cord allows easy temperature adjustment whether the heater is inside or outside.


Air Distribution Options

Diffusers allow you to place the heaters outside with a wide register that distributes the air at ground level. Two separate diffuser styles allow for different uses. A Unit Diffuser fits on the unit, while the Duct Diffuser is used in combination with flexible ducting. Both diffusers allow you to place the heater outside and distribute the heated air inside. The 12' long, 12" diameter (18" diameter for the 35) duct allows you to place the heater further away, and compresses to a convenient 3' length for storage and transportation.