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Mr. Heater High Intensity Radiant Workshop Heaters

Great for garages, utility shops, storage sheds, patios, auto repair shops, farm buildings. Inexpensive to operate, maintenance free. (Natural & Propane Gas).

Turn up the your garage!


Enerco's natural or propane gas fired, AGA approved, infrared garage / shop heater brings the sun indoors. Just like the sun's radiant energy, the heat from an Enerco garage/ shop heater radiates heat to floor level objects which in turn heat surrounding air to the desired temperature. Manufactured to meet the special needs of garages and small shops. All necessary brackets, hardware and thermostat are included. No electricity required; simply run gas line and make your garage a workshop year 'round.


Clearance to Combustibles





Warranty: 1 year on gas control, 5 years on the burner.