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Modern Home Products Everglow

Outdoor Gas Lamps




- maximum eye appeal both day and night

- increased safety and security

- charming glow of light

- compliments any landscape or architecture

- yellow spectrum of light discourages insects.

- Over 20 models available

- Everglow gas lamps are easily converted to the upright or

  open flame burners.

Everglow also has Everglow Replacement Parts and Accessories that fit most other brand name gas lamps.

Each Everglow Lamp combines distinctive style, latest technology and quality material. Solid cast brass construction. Provides a superior lamp finish which withstands the most harsh weather.  Weathers to a natural patina. Thick walled cast aluminum construction provides greater strength, durability, and finish quality.

Black and white finishes are baked on heat resistant powder coat paint.

Everglow uses the finest tempered glass panes available, bringing the lamps to life when lighted.

Everglow Gas Lamps add reliability, function and elegance to homes and businesses.


Cast aluminum decorative enclosure is designed in two pieces for easy installation around existing 3” in-ground post.

DPB (Black)

WDPB (White)


LR Ladder rest with two decorative balls.

WLR Same as above in white