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Outdoor Living

All L.B. White convection heaters include proven standard or direct spark piezo pilot light systems for fast and easy ignition, and are available in a range of heat outputs from 100,000 to 400,000 Btu, as well as propane and natural gas. And if your needs include floor level heating, L.B.White provides an efficient, horizontal model.

Workman/Norseman Series & Heavy Duty

Are ideal for new construction sites where electricity may not be available, drying plaster or keeping an area warm overnight. They are easy to use, highly efficient heat at a great price. With the broadest range of propane heaters available ( natural gas units available - Special Order). L.B. White also offers you a choice between the lightweight WORKMAN line and several heavy duty models from the Norseman line. Both the WORKMAN and NORSEMAN feature models certified by the CSA - not only for meeting strict national standards for safety and dependability, but also for safe use on wooden floors.

Highly portable heat that

doesn’t require electricity

L.B. White Workman/Norseman/Tradesman Series Construction Heaters

One of the most efficient, high-volume heating lines available to the construction market. L.B. White gives you the  self-diagnostic Tradesman Plus Portable Forced Air Heater, in addition to the competitive Tradesman line.

All L.B. White Tradesman heaters offer you power and flexibility when you need dependable, economical high-volume heat. Tradesman PFA heaters are engineered with solid state electronic ignition for sure starts, standard or optional thermostatic controls for consistent warmth, and built-in safety.

The Tradesman Series portable forced air heaters are engineered to deliver high heat output with the ability to move large volumes of air. Tradesman features solid state electronic ignition for sure starts, standard or optional thermostatic controls, and built-in safety features.


With L.B. White, you select the Tradesman that matches your job requirements. Choose from a range of fixed and variable heat outputs. And Tradesman heaters arrive pre-assembled so they’re ready to use

For efficient, portable, high-volume

construction heat