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VT2-23 vapor torch with comfortable hand grip, 10' LP hose, hand tighten

POL, adjusting needle valve, and sparklighter with flints.

Comes completely


The Weed Dragon is designed to help keep lawns and gardens weed-free and reduce the need for chemical use in hard-to-reach areas.

This propane torch generates heat up to 2,000 degrees F, which causes plant cells to burst killing the weed and making way for new desirable growth. Used properly, the Weed Dragon is safe and easy to operate. Simply attach Weed Dragon to a standard propane cylinder and go!

For centuries, fire has been used as a method of clearing land of unwanted vegetation. Since it is not necessary to reduce weeds to ashes, control can be accomplished very quickly. Simply pass the flame over weeds and other undesirable plants. Within hours, you'll see unwanted plants wilting and dying -- without the mess and expense of chemical residues and runoff, making your lawn and garden safe for all concerned.

Weed Dragon