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Detroit Radiant Re-Verber-Ray Heaters


32,000 BTU

Construction Projects, Drilling Sites, Storage Areas, Service Drives, Ship Yards, Marinas, Emergency, Loading Docks, Unheated Buildings, Receiving/Shipping, Bus Terminals, Car Washes, Warehouses, Garages.



• Rugged ceramic burner

• Highly polished aluminum reflector

• Select, high temperature stainless steel alloy

    protective rods,

• Adjustable LP cylinder mounting bracket

• UL listed single - tank pressure regulator

• Excess flow check POL fitting

• CSA listed 100% shutoff safety gas valve.

• Main burner flame sensor

• 90 day limited warranty


16,000 BTU

This model weights only 14 lbs. and will operate for fifteen (15) hours on a 20 lb. propane cylinder. Its high BTU output and weight make it truly versatile/portable heater. Features patented tip-over check.

This compact, light-weight model will operate for thirty (30) hours on a 20 lb. propane cylinder.  Weighs just 11 lbs. and features patented tip-over check.

LP cylinders not included.

• Minimum maintenance is assured: No moving parts.

• Completely rust and corrosion resistant.

• In excessive drafts, shrouding may be required.

• Patented Safety Tip-Over Check.

• Ball check at orifice shuts off gas in unit in event heater falls over.

• Not for residential use.