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The "Hot Box" is one of the most unique and effective construction heaters on the market today. Built low to the ground so it won't tip, the CH220 is stable in use, stackable in storage. Heat is deflected downward and as a result more working space is warmed. In addition, the rectangular shape provides more radiating surface than most cylindrical heaters. At the end of the season just stack and store to save valuable storage area.


The piezo electronic and flame adjustment valve are easy to reach and a heat shield protect hands from high temperatures during operation. One bolt holds burner and controls into place for easy removal. Completely assembled and tested when shipped.

• Durable construction

• 16 gauge metal frame

• Easy access controls

• High pressure preset regulator

• Safety excess flow POL

• Thermocouple safety control

• Piezo electronic ignitor

• Available with 10.25' or 50' UL LB120

Warranty: Flame Engineering warrants all our goods to be free of defects in material and workmanship and will repair or replace defective merchandise that has been returned upon authorization. Do not return goods without consent. Warranty does not apply to items that have been altered or subjected to misuse or negligence.

Flame Engineering Red Dragon "Hot Box" Construction Heater

CH220 Series

200,000 Btu.

Strong. Stackable in Storage!