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Outdoor Living

Power Vented, Low Static, Axial Fan Unit Heater

Sizes 30-125 certified for residential heating application

Sizes 30-400 certified for commercial/industrial heating application

UP to 83% Thermal Efficiency

50-60°F Temperature rise range

Serpentine titanium stabilized heat exchanger design

115/1/60 Supply voltage

Transformer for 24-volt controls

Integrated circuit board with diagnostic indicator lights

Direct ignition with 100% shutoff

Single stage gas valve with external gas service connection

4-point and 2-point Suspension

External terminal strip connector for 24-volt wiring

Easy DIP selectable fan on and off - time delay

Reznor Vented Unit Heaters UDAP

a) Novar Control Package for single stage operation.  Downturn nozzle option CD2, CD3, or CD4 recommended for D10 discharge sensor mounting.

b) Order Option AV6 when venting unit with other Category 1 gravity vented gas appliance. See Common Vent Venting Manual for complete details.

c) Sizes 30 to 200: 1/2” gas connection, Sizes 225 to 400: 3/4” gas connection.

d) CG2 and CG4 may only be ordered for units with STANDARD fan motor.