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Mr. Heater Low-Intensity Garage/Shop Tube Style Heater

MHT Tube Heater

AGA Design Certified, factory assembled, standard wall vent supplied, overside access doors, reliable direct spark ignition, high efficiency motor, and thermostat included.

(Natural & Propane Gas).

Design features:

• Short overall lengths - compact solution for warmth in hard-to-heat areas. • ceiling mounted - frees valuable work space. • Balance flue - 3" exhaust flue duct inside 5" combustion air inlet duct means only one hole in the wall or roof. • Aluminum reflector - deep dish style maximizes energy reflection, minimizes heat loss. • Protective grill.

New, low-intensity gas-fired infrared heater for residential garages and small shops.  Enerco heaters have kept thousands of commercial and industrial buildings warm for over 30 years.

Ideal for garages and small shops

The MHT series radiant tube heater is ideal for residential garages or garage workshops, because infrared heat operates like the sun - directly warming floors, people and objects, NOT AIR. Just like the sun's radiant energy, the heat from an Enerco garage/shop heater radiates heat to floor-level objects which in turn heat surrounding air to the desired temperature.

Clear, quiet, draft-free

Unlike forced air heaters, the MHT series provides quiet, draft-free heat. Dirt and dust particles are not blown around, keeping work areas clean.

Enerco EnerRadiant XL Low-Intensity Garage/Shop Tube Style Heater

Typical Applications

Manufacturing plants, truck terminals, repair shops and garages, warehouses, aircraft hangers, fire stations, automobile dealership and body shops, loading docks, farm buildings, indoor sporting arenas, stables and many others are common applications for Enerco radiant tube heaters.

Energy Saving Radiant Tube Heating System

Enerco, a pioneer in the infrared heating industry, recognized the need for a heater that could be used in buildings with lower ceiling heights. Also, with the trend towards tighter construction, lower heat losses and the addition of insulation to existing structures, a new heater design was necessary. The EnerRadiant XL Tube System provides the solution by satisfying all comfort requirements while still providing the desired efficiency.


• The XL series features a Honeywell Smart Valve II®  which combines the

   gas valve and ignition control into one single unit.

• All components are name-brand non-proprietary and available through local         distributors.

• All natural gas units include an LP gas conversion kit.

• Available in 60, 80, 100, 125, 150, 175,000 Btu/hr capacities.

• 20 to 60 foot system lengths.

• Install as “U-Tube” or “L” configuration with optional kits.

• Hanger design allows horizontal or 45 degree angle of reflectors

• Vent adapter included.

Specifications & Technical Data

• Electrical

 120 volt-60 Hz

 Starting Current 5.0 amps

 Running Current 1.0 amps

• Burner

 Heaters are equipped with a silicon carbide hot surface ignition

and electronic safety circutry

• Combustion Chamber/Heat Exchanger

 4" aluminized steel tubing - 16 gauge

• Gas Supply

 Natural Gas: Min. 4.6" w.c. – Max. 14.0" w.c.

 Propane: Min. 11.0" w.c. – Max. 14.0" w.c.

• Flue Connection

 4" (O.D.)

• Gas Connection

 1/2" NPT

• Warranty

 Limited 10-year warranty on all electrical components, burners and tubes.


Use part # F106414 to convert straight tubes to U-tube configuration.

L-Tube configurations also available - contact your sales rep. for additional information on the “L” configuration.

Straight Tube Series

U Tube Series