Gas Mate II Fittings


Flow limiter plug.


Full flow. Gas Mate II male plug 1/4" male pipe thread x male plug quick connect fitting. For use with 5LP510BK.


Propane cylinder fill plug 7/8" female POL x male plug for use with Gas Mate II quick connect coupling kit. Use LP gas fill plug for filling the tank with the Gas Mate II in place (it may be necessary to purchase this if LP filling station does not have this plug).

5LP510BK, 5LPA11C

Gas Mate II propane gas coupling adapter kit. 1/4" male pipe thread x male plug/quick connect x POL, eliminates wrenches; provides plug in/plug out use of appliances such as gas grills, torches, heaters, cookers, etc. Plastic disposable assembly tool supplied for assembly.


Gas Mate II gas grill "Quick Connect" propane adapter. Quick connect x POL, for use with Ducane, Weber and PGS gas grill or other grill users of a Gas Mate II system. Plastic disposable assembly tool suplied for assembly.

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